Deposit Program

As the leaders of JDM product providers in the United States for the past 15 years, we know many of the Japanese products can take weeks to months to receive when out of stock.  Many times the manufacturers of these rare parts are a 1 man shop and the parts most of the time are hand made which can make it difficult obtaining them with no guarantee ETA. 
In order to facilitate the ordering process and helping you obtain what you're looking for, we offer a non refundable order deposits to be made without having to pay for the whole product up front.  Deposits can be as little as 20% up to 50% depending on the product and brand.  And ETAs will vary depending on the product and quantity ordered. 
So how does this program works?  Easy!
  1. Contact Us requesting to put a deposit on an out of stock or special order item (must be at least $400 in total value)
  2. We will reply back with an ETA and deposit amount required (20-50%).  You can even finance the deposit if required.  (Note: Some items may not qualify for the order deposit program.)
  3. Once the product is close to shipping or ready to ship, we will contact you for the remainder balance.
  4. Once product balance is paid in full, we will ship the part(s) out.  (must be paid within 4 weeks of balance request)
With thousands of products out there, we many not have all of the products listed on the site.  If there is a product that you want to buy, but we don't carry it, please make sure to contact us to see if we can get it for you.  98% of the time we can!

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